Architects @ Pumpehuset 20 March 2014

Architects and the crowd almost cost me broken leg and new camera at Pumpehuset, but luckily we were so packed so tight that my fall onto the low stage was fairly controlled and I could get up real quick. Crazy pack of people and Architects that looked like they were having a good time. I only managed three positions due to the ferocity and tightness of the crowd, so bear with me.

The lead singer from supportband Stray from The Path had to go back to New York due to a death in his family before the concert, so the lead singers from Architects, Sam Carter and lead from Northlane and the baseplayer had learned Stray from The Paths songs in 24 hours, so this explains why you see Sam Carter, when the photo captions says Stray from The Path.

– Northlane (AUS)
– Stray From The Path (US)
– More Than Life

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Thanks to Pumpehuset and LiveNation.