Cherrypoppers and Juniors

Three ‘serious’ games and two even more serious games!

A bunch of new players got their cherries popped (loosing their derby virginity) against each other sprinkled with seasoned players from Kick Ass Cuties. Black Cherry Bombs against White Furies and the White Furies took the win 109-124. The facepaintiest game of them all – Butch’s facepaint really freaks me out!

Another interesting and a real crowdpleaser was the Juniors (Troublemakers) game against the evil Kiddie Crushers. Earlier this month the Juniors took the win, but this time The Kiddie Crushers introduced a new evil chant (WE EAT KiDS – WE EAT KIDS) and were looking for bloody revenge.

But as the photos clearly shows – the Troublemakers stayed calm even though the Kiddie Crushers tried all the dirty tricks in the book. Will they ever learn?