Roller Derby – Rollin Heartbreakers vs. Team Denmark

This was the first bout for the Danish national team in Roller Derby. Before they head out on the autumns great challenges, some serious bout-time was needed, and Copenhagen Roller Derby arranged this epic bout between the best players in Denmark vs. the hard hitting ladies from Rollin’ Heartbreakers.

Of course several players could play for both teams but some arrangements were made so also some of the lesser experienced players could get a taste of a big game.

The venue was sold out and there was some anticipation that it would be a victory to Rollin Heartbreakers, but Team Denmark fought like mad – no really, like mad. I have rarely seen as many hits and flying persons. Amazing game.

In the end Rollin Hearbreakers DID win: 292-122 (unofficial), but it was awesome for me to see the development in all the players I’ve seen before from Aarhus Derby Danes – I don’t mean to point out some one in a great team effort, but someone has to check if the sweet Panzerfaust really is human, with all the hits she took, survived and gave back) (Historylesson: A Panzerfaust (Ironfist) is German handheld rocket launcher from World War II – especially used against tanks.)

It was my first time to see players like Mean Kristine (Roskilde), Möxie Cruel from Aalborg (who also hit like a ton of bricks) and the lightfooted Panini from Odense play their first bouts in Copenhagen. And now I want more derby… Now 🙂