Roller Derby – Team Denmark (Red) vs. Team Denmark (Grey)

Yep – Team Denmark won. It was my first peek at the Danish national team since the tournament in Belgium. A few new players were added and it was just awesome to meet them all again (sorry if I missed you in all the commotion).

It was my second try with external flashes – a good friend and colleague lent me his Pixel King-triggers and oooh, they kicked Pocket Wizards ass. I only had two flashes and next time I’ll have to find a third one to soften the hard shadows, but it’s a whole new game. You loose the freedom of movement and the great snapshots, because when the flashes are set, there has to be action where there is light. Anywhere else is just darkness. But it went ok.

Sundays exhibition bout was also about raising money for the trip to the World Cup in Dallas, Texas next month, and a fun auction. But now… photos:

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